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5 Easy Tips for Better Puppy Care

Caring for White Labrador Puppies can bring everyone closer to the newest members of the family. Learning all about puppy care may seem difficult, especially for those who have never owned a dog before, but it’s easier than most people think. Below are several tips on raising a healthy, happy Lab puppy.

Find a Reliable Veterinarian

It may not seem that important in the beginning, but hiring a good vet is an essential part of a dog’s long-term health. Regular checkups are vital, particularly for puppies, and a vet will be able to give the puppy his or her first shots and recommend special care methods.

Create a Puppy-Friendly Space

Puppies, like children, need a space that makes them feel loved, cared for and safe. Create a space in the home with puppy’s food, water and bedding, to allow the new furry family member to get acclimated. Make sure the area is in everyone’s view, so the puppy can feel like part of the family.

Make Plenty of Time for Fun

Puppies are chock-full of energy, and they have to be able to get rid of some of it. Playtime isn’t just for exercise, however; it’s about bonding as well. Choose a few different toys to find out what the puppy likes best, and if there’s a fenced yard, get out and play!

Establish a Grooming Routine

It’s important to introduce the puppy to grooming as early on as possible, to get them used to the idea. Regular grooming includes things like ear cleaning, teeth brushing, baths, nail trimming and fur brushing.

Focus on Proper Training

As with puppy grooming, the sooner the training process starts, the better. It’s important for puppies to learn to follow basic commands, such as “sit” and “stay”. Local pet stores sometimes offer puppy training clinics, which can be very helpful. With consistency and patience, puppies will learn the difference between right and wrong, and everyone will be safer and happier.

Puppies are like kids—they grow up fast. Therefore, it’s important to enjoy this all-too-brief time with the newest member of the family. With the tips listed here, it will be easier to do just that.