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New Look With Custom Furniture

Add Eye-catching Accent Pieces

To make your new custom furniture stand out, add several eye-catching accent pieces that both complement and contrast in a tasteful manner. One-of-a-kind end tables, bar stools, desks, and cabinets can add both function and pizzazz. Whether these pieces boast a unique geometry for an ultra-modern look or are antiques, these unique furnishings can combine with custom-made sofas, sectionals, and beds for a highly personalized result.

Options for the Bedroom

When redoing a bedroom, many different components can be customized to create the look you want. From the headboard to the box and bedframe, upholstering can completely change the appearance and feel of the space you’re redoing. Stylish, elegant results are possible with a re-upholstered bed. To complete the new look, add custom dressers and nightstands. Even small or awkward spaces can eventually look sleek and inviting.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Accessories provide the crowning touches that bring everything together. Use accessories as connecting pieces that create the right flow in a room. Accessories also help match larger pieces, and they can provide just the right contrast to make each custom furniture piece truly stand out.

What can you add to a room to accessorize it? Try decorative mirrors and other wall hangings. Lamps with customized shades work well anywhere. Don’t forget about floors. A well-placed decorative rug can beautify any space.